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There are many complimentary words has been stated in praise of Taj Mahal and people have accurately competed to say the most attractive things about the Taj Mahal. Some have accepted and admired its beauty; others have exposed the range of activities that took place here. Have a look.

In admire of the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan's own composition is found in Badshah Nama:"The views of this marble mansion generate sorrowing sighs and makes sun and moon shed tears from their eyes. In this earth this edifice has been made to display thereby the Creator's glory."

Foreigner travelers during the Mughul Empire, one of them were French traveller Bernier in 1670:"The Koran is continually read with apparent devotion by certain Mullahs kept in the Mausoleum for that purpose. It is opened with much ceremony once a year. And no Christian is admitted within, lest its sanctity be profaned."

British painter Hodges in 1783 says about the tomb:"it emerges like a perfect pearl on a navy ground. The effect is such I have never experienced from any work of art."

During the time of the British capture of India, the thoughts to the Taj Mahal had changed. The attractive memorial had turned into an enjoyment resort; in its gardens, Englishman met their lovers. On its terrace they danced while the mosque and the jawab were rented out to honeymooners.

The then British officer, Colonel Sleeman's wife writes:"I cannot tell what I think. I do not know how to criticize such a building but I can tell what I feel. I would die tomorrow to have such another over me."

Bayard Taylor, an American writer wrote about the Taj Mahal:"Did you ever build a citadel in the Air? Here is one, brought down to earth and fixed for the wonder of ages".

The British Governor Lord Curzon, who is credited to have somewhat protected the Ta Mahal from ignorance, said in a message from the terrace of the monument:"If I had never done anything else in India, I have written my name here, and the letters are a living joy."

The Nobel Prize winner great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore has perhaps said it best of all:"You know Shah Jahan, life and youth, wealth and glory, they all drift away in the current of time. You strove therefore, to perpetuate only the sorrow of your heart. Let the magnificence of diamond, pearl and ruby vanish. Only let this one teardrop, this Taj Mahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time, forever and ever.