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Situated at 275 m. away from the entry at the opposite end of the garden, The Taj Mahal is of almost 200 ft. (76m.) in height, the tomb stands on its own marble plinth, which rests on a red sandstone platform that serves to level the land as it slopes to the river. From the corners, four tall minarets rise up of the white marble plinth. They come to a point to a majestic height of 138 ft and are crowned with eight windowed cupolas.

This marble tomb is of square shape in plan with chamfered corners. Each frontage of the tomb is composed of a grand iwan surrounded by bands of inscription. The entrances inside these iwans are also festooned with calligraphy. The iwan is edged on both sides by small double arches one over the other. They are rectangular while the arched recesses of equal size at the viewpoints of the tomb are semi-octagonal. Each part in the frontage is well demarked on both sides by attached pilasters which rising from the plinth level of the tomb rise above the frieze and are crowned by attractive pinnacles with lotus buds and finials. The work of piutra dura is done very gracefully on the wall of Taj.