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Ram Barat Festival

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The extraordinary marriage parade of Sri Ram, organized annually at Agra, is known as 'Rambarat' and precedes Dussehra. It is a division of 'Ramlila', the staging of life of Rama that ends with killing of Ravana, on the day of Dussehra. Its specialty lies in the striking 'jhankis' of the deities and the particular set of the palace arranged at the chosen site as 'Janakpuri', the citadel of Raja Janak who was the father of Goddess Sita. This major fair is structured in the locality and thousands of people trip the venue to see the fair and be present at the complicated royal wedding of the godly deities. The parad starts from Lala Channomalji Ki Baradari for the Janakpuri venue and passes through diverse parts of the town. Special chariot covered with silver leaves is used as the mount of Ram while his brothers mount the elephants. The complicated and heavy headgears look stunning. Adolescent boys play the female characters of the drama. A huge amount of people participate in the processions. They stay awake the whole