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India celebrates all its fairs and festivals with a great deal of joyful enthusiasm. Organized at Kailash temple in Agra, (12 km from Agra) in the honor of Lord Shiva, Kailash fair is celebrated to memorialize the appearance of Lord Shiva in the form of a stone lingam here in the monsoon months of August and September. The foremost fair magnetizes devotees from all the nearby areas.

Your travel to Agra offers you the chance not only to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World but also to be a part of the unreserved happiness of the fairs. Agra hosts some of the most renowned fairs of the country. The Kailash Fair is a vibrant celebration and you will certainly enjoy being a part of it. The Kailash Fair in Agra is celebrated in tribute of Lord Shiva. According to accepted anecdote, Lord Shiva himself appeared here in the form of a stone lingam in Kailash. The followers of this god of the Hindu pantheon memorize his visit, offer prayers to him and contribute in all the fun and amusement of the fair. The environment and surroundings are very cheerful. The happiness of the large crowd which gathers on the juncture of the fair is great. Many shops are set up and it is indeed a visual delight to see the colorful people in this state of great happiness.