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bateshwar-fairBateshwar Fair is celebrated in the majestic city of Agra with great enthuse like the Kumbh Mela. Bateshwar is place lies on the banks of Yamuna, located just 70 km away from Agra and is names so after the presiding god of the region, Bateshwar Mahadeo.

Bateshwar Fair, Agra is a crucial event to all Hindus. During this occasion, millions of Hindus meet together to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva by way of bathing in the holy river, Yamuna. It is an imperative religious and cultural centre boasting of 108 temples of the various gods and goddesses of Hindus. Bateshwar Fair is prearranged here annually during the months of October or November in the honor of Lord Shiva for a month. Many devotees visit the venue to take holy bath in River Yamuna and contribute their presence in the Livestock and Cattle Fair, which is famous in the nearby areas.