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Gwalior Fort

Gwalior is located at a distance of around 118 km from Agra, the city of Gwalior, (also known as the city of famed ‘Sindia') is recognized for its mighty fort. Gwalior is a town in Madhya Pradesh which is renowned for its royal forts and Palaces. Gwalior History :- The city shares an affluent historical nuance with India’s rich past. Gwalior offers ancient seat of Jain worship which is one of the passionately followed religions in India. The fortress architecture in the city also provides a brief view of the best Hindu period of Ancient India. The city is further more popularized by its historic citadel which contributes an exciting historical milieu.

Gwalior India is well connected by road, train and also by air and considered as one of the most attractive place near Agra. Gwalior City was ruled by the various rural such as Tomars, Marwahs and the Marathas. The city also holds an incomparable status in Music. The famous court musician of Akbar, Tansen also owes his origin to the city.

Gwalior Fort India

Tour from Agra to Gwalior is an exciting journey which will leave you thunderstruck with many Gwalior sightseeing. The city of Gwalior presents a selection of excursion spots for tourists. The most famous Gwalior attractions such as-The Gwalior Fort, Gujari Mahal, Man Mandir Palace, Gurudwara Data Bandhi Chhod, Gopachal Parvat, Sun Temple, Sarod Ghar, Jai Vilas Palace & Museum, Teli Ki Mahal. Gwalior is sanctified with Classical music Maestro Miya Tansen. In memorial of Miya Tansen three days Tansen Samaroh program organized every year. The classical programme take place in this festival entertains the people of Gwalior with their outstanding performances. The city is a perfect excursion point in an Agra Tour.