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Akbar's Tomb in Sikandra

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Akbar Tomb in Sikandra

Agra is famous not only for its massive monumental wonders but also for its handicrafts and fine arts traditions. Tourists can shop and enjoy during their tour to Agra India. Agra has both modern and traditional markets that have been in the trading business for centuries. Then, there are the contemporary shopping sites and complexes particularly the state emporiums where tourist can procure antique souvenirs to magnificence items.

Agra was formerly the center of control of the Mughal Empire. The generous Mughal court was held in Agra. The many wives of the rulers, the noblemen and their consorts and the luminary artists and scholars of Mughal era lived in Agra. The bazaars of Agra were full of the commodities of the many craftsmen who came to Agra to offer their finest products to the court and who hoped to get the benefaction of the Emperor. Shopping in Agra and its markets was a preferred past time even then.

Many experts such as- sculptors, painters, artisans, jewelers, weavers, embroiderers, carpet makers, musicians and metal workers, all came to Agra to offer their abilities to the regal family and the courtiers of the Mughal realm. The queen Noor Jahan is believed to have had a keen interest in needlework and textiles and engaged a large number of women seamstresses who embroidered the majestic robes of the Emperor and his courtiers. Even today many of the genetic craftsmen remain, passing on their expertise from generation to generation. Shopping in Agra is contentment, for the fine crafts once offered only to royalty are now available to discerning travelers.

Akbar Tomb in Sikandra

Some of the excellent wok for which Agra is renowned includes marblework, such as inlay work of the kind seen within the Taj Mahal; leatherwork covering a wide range of products such as shoes, bags, belts and more; rugs and carpets, woven by expert craftsmen who keep the secrets of carpet weaving taught generations ago by Persian rug makers, and brassware which includes artifacts such as hookah bases, for those who wish to obtain an oriental souvenir. Agra is also well-known for its Mughlai cookery, a sweet called petha and a snack called dalmoth. Tourist can enjoy using the cooking delights of Agra, while shopping in Agra.

The central markets for shopping in Agra are near the Taj Mahal complex. These areas include Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar and Munro Road. The U.P State Emporium called Gangotri at the Taj Mahal Complex, offers a selection of handicrafts under one roof. Don't miss this location while shopping in Agra for it has a grand variety of marble, brassware, rugs, leather items and textiles at reasonable prices. Another venue with a wide range of handicrafts on sale is the Shilpagram crafts village U.P Handlooms and UPICA at Sanjay Place on M.G. Road are other good locations to shop for mementos, while shopping in Agra India.

Do not forget to take home a pack of paethas (a sweet dish) for which the streets of Agra are famous world over while shopping in Agra.